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Georgiana Atanasiu
Georgiana AtanasiuTaste.Travel.Inspire
A personal journal where I talk about travel, delicious food and wines, share inspiring ideas, stories about people, community and education.

About me

Briefly, as Americans like to say, I am a culinary “enthusiast”.

Entrepreneur in food tourism.

Food & wine guide.

Coffee lover.


Spain is where I always feel at home.

India is the country that fascinated me the most and I know I will go back again and again to explore more.

However, most of the time I show my home country (Romania) to guests, especially from Europe and US.


And how did I started this project?

It’s been about 8-9 years now since I received as a Christmas gift the domain with my name.

And because I haven’t used it at some point I just forgot about it.

A few years ago, I remembered again but I still had the question: What to do with it?

My first thought was that I am a foodie and everywhere I go I like to taste local products so I should start something about this [but I knew very clearly that I don’t want a website with recipes].

Then, after launching a start-up in food tourism it was as natural as it can be to add something about my travel experiences.

And because before starting as an entrepreneur I gained 12+ years in HR, I always ask myself if I can learn something new and how can I develop myself and so I added the inspire section.

Besides, everything that you will read here has a personal touch as well.
I would be glad if you will find here ideas or things that inspire you too.