Where to buy authentic souvenirs in Sighisoara ?

Where to buy authentic souvenirs in Sighisoara ?

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Do you buy small gifts and souvenirs from the places you travel to?

No matter where you travel around the world, sometimes you might buy souvenirs and gifts that are made in China without even knowing. Let’s take Romania as an example: in the most touristic areas, most of the products that are on sale are from China.
So I tought to tell you where to buy authentic souvenirs.

If you are planning to travel to Romania and visit also Sighișoara, right in the old town area there’s Transylvanian souvenirs, a small family business.

The shop is on 38 Tâmplarilor street.
You will find exactly the same products for sale also right in front of the Clock Tower (History Museum).
The souvenirs are neat and made with a lot of passion. Most of the products are hand-made, except t-shirts, coffee, etc.

I bought from there a felted soap 🙂
You use it as it is. You just take down the lace. Aparently, our grandparents were using it, not only for cleaning. This soap also exfoliates gently the skin and hydrates it. But most people are buying it just for decoration.

Although the manually painted t-shirts are not in these photos, you might wanna take a look when you get to the store. These t-shirts are like veritable paintings.
Also in the store you will find t-shirt with Dracula. Each drawing on the Dracula t-shirts is a creation of a student from the Arts Academy.

So, when you visit Sighișoara, I encourage you to buy a souvenir or a gift made in Romania.

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