Nominoë restaurant in Bucharest closes its doors. The shop remains open.

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One sad news today: Nominoë restaurant closes today. But there is some good news after all: the shop remains open. This is the only shop in Romania that sells artisanal products from Bretagne. Read more about all the delightful food and do not forget to support the small, local entrepreneurs. There are plenty of examples [...]

Local products delivered in Bucharest, Ploiești, Târgoviște and Ilfov county

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I have put together a contact list for shopping vegetables, fresh meat, dairies and other local products. Also, for a wider variety, I have added some grocery shops. Of course, there is a variety of sources, including apps. I tried to include also producers that are not tech savvy and maybe they are not listed [...]

Best food and tea in India (1)

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If you are planning to travel to India for the first time, what would you choose to taste? The absolutely delicious naan, a salty and … pink tea or a food that is addictive? The first thing that crosses your mind when I mention Indian food is spicy food, right? Well, Indian food uses lots [...]

Where to eat in Genoa?

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This year, with the launch of direct flights Romania-Italy by Ernest Airlines, I stopped for a city break in the biggest city port in Italy: Genoa. Thank you, Miha, for the invite ;) Genoa is a sensational city, with many ancient buildings [including 42 UNESCO palaces]. If you like to walk through the streets you’ll [...]