Where to buy authentic souvenirs in Sighisoara ?

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Do you buy small gifts and souvenirs from the places you travel to? No matter where you travel around the world, sometimes you might buy souvenirs and gifts that are made in China without even knowing. Let’s take Romania as an example: in the most touristic areas, most of the products that are on sale [...]

India (Ep. 5) – General travel tips and recommendations (1)

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Every time I tell someone that I love India, most of the times I get reactions like: India? Isn’t it crowded and dirty? Or, best case: I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know if I would like such a trip. So, if you decided to give India a chance (and I am telling [...]

India (Ep. 4).Picnic at 3000 m altitude and temperatures as in Alaska

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I’m traveling now for almost one week and I feel like I have been here for over a month. I must be lucky because I’m in a friendly and balanced group. Today we are driving through the Suru Valley. But first, we stop for a hot cup of tea. We are in a small town [...]

India (Ep. 3).Zoji La – one of the most adventurous passes in India

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We continued our journey through Sind Valley where I could easily see that we are approaching a more touristic area. We are in the upper area of the Himalayas and we are heading to our final destination: Sonmarg (2728 m|8950 FT), the last base camp for those that climb the Himalayas on this [...]

India (Ep.2).Kashmir and the ice water

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On the streets of Srinagar you will see lots of soldiers due to the tumultuous history between India and Pakistan and because it’s so close to the border. Besides the visual impact when you see them, I felt safe during the entire trip in the area. So knowing the context you should not have any [...]

India (Ep.1).Getting ready for the trip and first impression

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This summer when I received the invite to travel to India I was very happy because I didn’t had the chance to explore other places outside Europe before. So, after I received the itinerary, I started to search for more details about the region where we spent most of the time: Jammu and Kashmir. And [...]