India (Ep.2).Kashmir and the ice water

India (Ep.2).Kashmir and the ice water

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On the streets of Srinagar you will see lots of soldiers due to the tumultuous history between India and Pakistan and because it’s so close to the border. Besides the visual impact when you see them, I felt safe during the entire trip in the area. So knowing the context you should not have any surprises.
Unfortunately, tourism is not thriving in this area and the local economy has a lot to lose for this reason.
Srinagar is part of Kashmir, one of the 3 areas of Jammu and Kashmir region.

Some interesting facts – Kashmir is very well-known because most of the cricket bats are produced here. At some point we passed through the main street in Awantipura. Here is where most of the producers have their shops.

But let’s go back to places to visit.

In the same day we stopped at the Sun Temple.

The temple is the most striking in size of the remains of the Kashmir’ grandeur. It is usually called the “Martand”, or the sun, to which the temple is dedicated.
The period of its foundation can be determined within the limits of one century or between A.D. 370 and 500.
The temple has 84 columns – an appropriate number in the Temple of the Sun. Supposedly, the number 84 is accounted sacred by the Hindus. It is a multiple of 7 and 12 (the number of days of the week and the number of signs in the zodiac).

Then we changed the Traveller buses with smaller cars in order to get to Aru village.

The water in Pahalgam (2130 m | 6988 FT) and in the whole region of Kashmir it’s like ice water. Because it’s hard to describe it in words, I’ll just add some photos below.

Next day, in the morning, we had some guests during breakfast: a family of monkeys were looking at us craving for what we were eating.

The absolutely spectacular moment of this day was stopping for a boat ride on DAL Lake.
A sense of tranquility and joy surrounds you while you’re looking at the mountains. These quiet moments are disrupted by the vendors who come along to sell you various things: from juice to jewels, saffron and old postcards.

The next day we headed to Gulmarg (2730 m | 8957 FT), a place suitable for those wishing to go out in nature and for ski lovers.

* This was a sponsored trip by Goamit Adventures.

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