India (Ep. 3).Zoji La – one of the most adventurous passes in India

India (Ep. 3).Zoji La – one of the most adventurous passes in India

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We continued our journey through Sind Valley where I could easily see that we are approaching a more touristic area.

We are in the upper area of the Himalayas and we are heading to our final destination: Sonmarg (2728 m|8950 FT), the last base camp for those that climb the Himalayas on this side of the mountains.

In Sonmarg the temperature has notably dropped. I switched from hiking summer pants to winter ski jacket and much warmer clothes.
Sonmarg is surrounded by spectacular and yet so different mountains! Behind the hotel there is a snow-covered peak. On the opposite side there is a sharp peak that when I saw it the first thing that crossed my mind was that it’s there to punish someone. And it’s all just stone and nothing more.

This was the last day spent in Kashmir.

Apparently, once we leave tomorrow after only 20 km away the vegetation will disappear and will remain just stone and dessert.
Our objective is to leave as early as possible to Kargil because we need to go through the Zoji La pass (3528 m|11578 FT), one of the most dangerous passes in the world.

After this day I can tell you it’s a unique experience that you need to try at least once in your lifetime [to be noted that it’s especially fun for the adventurous ones or people that want to try something new]. Nature is the one who decides what kind of experience you will have. You are just the observer and you’d better enjoy the experience.

Should I say that 2 cars pass by very close to one another? Fortunately the drivers here seem to have a phenomenal talent because I felt safe during the day trip.

Once we arrived to the zero point [which means the border between Kargil and Ladakh] we stopped for photos and a hot soup [that is the Maggie soup that you would find almost at any local restaurant].

I advise you to try this route until is not altered by more sophisticated structures. In a couple of years a tunnel will pass through these mountains and what now is a real adventure will be just a 15 minutes’ drive [the works were already under way ever since we drove through the Zoji La pass a few months ago].

As we move further, the green mountains turn in a more greyish-green ones with a snow-hat on top. And afterwards they become more brown or the stone-grey color.

Eventually we reached a point where the border with Pakistan was just 20 km away and the mountain range has no clear international border line here.

We arrived in Kargil (2750 m|9022 FT) and we ended our day with a wonderful experience: artists from the Aryan tribe danced and sang traditional tunes.

The members of the Aryan tribe consider themselves the descendants of Alexander the Great.

Because there are only 3 communities: one in Ladakh and the other two in Pakistan, I enjoyed even more the moment.

* This was a sponsored trip by Goamit Adventures.

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