Nominoë restaurant in Bucharest closes its doors. The shop remains open.

Nominoë restaurant in Bucharest closes its doors. The shop remains open.

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One sad news today: Nominoë restaurant closes today. But there is some good news after all: the shop remains open. This is the only shop in Romania that sells artisanal products from Bretagne.
Read more about all the delightful food and do not forget to support the small, local entrepreneurs. There are plenty of examples of people that put a lot of passion in what they do, but they are rarely noticed.

The first time when I discovered the restaurant, I was impressed by Teodor, owner of Nominoë (actually it’s a family business, Teodor and his wife). He gets so excited to tell you as much as possible about Bretagne. He recommends himself as a 38-years-old adopted Breton. He came back to Romania many years ago. But only 2 years ago he left his corporate job and opened the shop and the restaurant.

Teodor and his wife attended a training with an ex. crêpier in Bretagne, of course. And they made a perfect duo:
since the wife was more skillful in the kitchen, Teodor was the one that knew how to combine the ingredients.

All the recipes are created by Teodor. After living for so many in years in Bretagne, he knows very well how to mic the ingredients. One exception only: Pomme le Roic. The only dish (dessert) that it not created by him.

The food was so divine that you could not resist to pass by the restaurant and not stopping for a crêpe. It was quite a treat for a day out.

I’ll just leave some photos with the delicious salty crêpes made from Breton buckwheat flour:

Belle-Ile: Saint-Jacques shellfish pate, Xeres wine vinegar, leek fondue, lettuce and lemon.
A limited-edition dish included in the August offers. You can buy this pate from the shop.
Tro Breizh: roasted goat cheese, fig jam, roasted walnuts.
Tro Breizh is the name of the breton pilgrimage that includes the 7 sainta tha founded Bretagne (more than 600 km long pilgrimage).
Merlin: goat cheese, emmental, acacia honey, roasted walnuts, lettuce, homemade vinaigrette.

And the dessert… the photos can’t tell you enough how good the dessert was.

Morlaix: caramelizaed banana, caramel with rum and coconut homemade ice cream.
Pomme Le Roic: caramelized apple, raspberry, homemade caramel with salty butter, almonds.
Pomme Le Roic is the only dish signed by the trainer. His grandmother’s name was Le Roic. And because he loved so much his grandmother that he created this dessert in her memory. Of course, she was also a crêpier. By the way, Le Roic means rock in Breton.

If you really want to support local entrepreneurs, add Nominoë on your shopping list.
You will find plenty of gourmet products in the shop. All the products are selected from the most western part of Bretagne, Bro Bigouden.
For example, you can buy artisanal cider from 100% fresh apple juice (unpasteurized, unfiltered). The cider is brought from the oldest cider mill in Bretagne. You can choose between: dry, demi-dry or sweet. The demi-dry version is bio.

The shop is in Bucharest (4 Veronica Micle corner with Maltopol street), only a few minutes away from Piața Victoriei (Victoriei square) or you can order online:

In one of my past visits there I learnt how to say goodbye in breton: Kenavo.
I will only say see you soon and send good wishes so the restaurant may be reborn after this complicated year.

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