Premiere in Romania: the first Bollywood and Oriental dance festival | 19th of October 2019

Premiere in Romania: the first Bollywood and Oriental dance festival | 19th of October 2019

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What if I would invite you to a Bollywood festival, what would you say? Would you say yes really quickly? Or no? Or maybe would you think is more like a belly dance? And what if I would tell you is something different than you imagined…

Then you’d better read the interview below with cu Alexandra Roşu, Bollyental Rhythm Dance Fest event organizer.
The festival will take place on Saturday, 19th of October 2019, at Latin Dance România.

How was the idea of the first Bollywood and Oriental dance born?
Alexandra: “The idea of the festival came up from the desire to put Romania on the European map of Indian festivals because in Romania we don’t have an Indian dance festival unlike other countries.”

As far as I know, the idea of Indian dance is not well known either…
Alexandra: “Yes. That’s why we try to make the Indian dance known. Namaste festival that is organized since 2010 promotes the idea of Indian culture, but this festival does not focus on dance, but more on products, food and in the last years a lot of yoga. But the dance is not promoted.”

You mentioned that the Indian dance is not very well promoted. What are the challenges, the things that should be done so that more things can happen in Romania too?
Alexandra: “The festival is the first step and I am still working on changing people’s mentality. Many people confuse Indian dance with belly dance, just as many confuse belly dance with gypsy dance. And the Indian dance is confused with the gypsy dance. And from here there are a lot of inconsistencies, misunderstandings and a completely wrong image. That is why we also tried to combine Indian dance with Oriental dance, precisely to show that both are different, but also why we think we know what they are.”

Why not to miss this festival?
Alexandra: “It’s completely different than what you may have seen on TV or around you. In the first place, it’s completely different from any other dance style. Secondly, Indian dance itself has started to grow a lot and is more and more appreciate: in US, at dance classes and fitness classes as well.
It’s something completely different. It’s completely new. It will make you step out of your comfort zone and at the same time you will stay abreast of the news and the worldly side.”

There will be: Bollywood, Oriental / Belly dance and Tahitian dances. Tell me a few words about each style. Maybe everyone knows about Belly dance, but Tahitian probably not many know about.
Alexandra: “I don’t think you’ll even know about Belly dance. The style that will enjoy at the festival is a modern Belly dance. It’s a Belly dance that is danced in jeans. It’s called Shaabi and it’s a modern style. But for more details I think you should come and see what it’s all about 🙂
At the Bollywood style dance workshop, Amine will hold a 100% fun workshop. The movements will be quite simple. He will focus on everybody feeling good, not on technique. It will matter how you feel, how you will make the movements so that you feel good, to find the joy of dancing.”

What should I expect from the Tahitian dance? Is that the kind of dance with a colorful skirt? I don’t know what to expect.
Alexandra: “Tahitian dance is from Tahiti, as the name says. It is danced in a colorful skirt, it’s very feminine. We focus on gracefulness. This dance basically makes you discover your inner femininity, including for those who consider themselves they are not very feminine.”

Can anyone attend these workshops? Even if you don’t know anything about the Indian dance?
Alexandra: “Anyone can participate no matter what level you are. Even if you have not taken dance lessons, even if you are at an advanced level or you just want to learn. Whether you are a beginner or advance level, the movements will be made in such a way that everyone can understand them, but they will also challenge you.
I invite you to have fun, try something new and find out new things. I guarantee that it will make your body to get out from its comfort zone because at each workshop you will need different movements, each dance style has a different technique.”

I’m curious if men will come to the festival…
Alexandra: “I’m curious too. I especially brought a man to show us that boys dance too, not just only the girls.”

The festival is on October 19, 2019, a full day. What is the festival program?
Alexandra: “We have prepared 4 workshops that will take place one after the other: 2 Bollywood dances, 1 Oriental dance and 1 Tahitian dance. Each workshop lasts 1.5 h.
All workshops are structured so that at first we work on the technical side. The movements are explained. And then we add also the music and you learn a mini-choreography of 1-2 minutes, depending on the dance style.”

The detailed program is as follows:
11:00-17:30 Dance workshops
We will have a half hour break for lunch.
Some options for drinks / food:
• Latin Dance Romania bar
• In addition, the Subway is very close (only 1 minute) and the Unirii Square is 5 minutes walk away.
22:00 Show and party

All the activities, including the party will take place at:
Latin Dance Romania, 33 Baratiei street, behind the Cocor shop, Unirii Square.

Types of passes:
• Full day Pass – offers access to the 4 workshops, the evening show and the party
• Party Pass – offers access to Bollywood and Oriental dance show and party.
At the party there will be a competition with prizes 😉

Until 1st of October 2019, the Full Day pass costs 100 RON and the Party pass costs 50 RON.
Places are limited (200 seats), so hurry! From 1st of October the prices will go up.

You can book your seat by sending an email to [email protected], SMS or call at 0763.440.717 (Alexandra Rosu)
The total amount can be paid at once or just pay for an advance.
Bank account: RO22RNCB0481079472250001
Name: Rosu Camelia Alexandra
After you paid, please sent the bank confirmation of the payment on the above email address.

Curious to know more about the organizer and the dance instructors? Keep reading.
About the dance instructors:

Alexandra Roșu is a dance instructor and choreographer of the “IndraDance” group. In the last 15 years she studied different styles of dance: from ballet, to sportive and modern dance. In the last 10 years she has focused on Indian dance styles. She studied Hindi and classical kathak dance in Agra. She has participated in numerous shows and events both in the country and in India, enjoying a great appreciation. For several years she has been teaching Indian dance at the IndraDance Academy (more about the academy below).

Amine Amourah is a well-known Bollywood, Kollywood and Bhangra instructor from Paris, France.
Right from the beginning of his experience as a dancer he had the chance to learn from well-known instructors from India, Europe and USA. Over the years, he has trained in Bollywood, Kollywood, Bhangra, Garba, but also in the classical Kathak and Bharatnatyam styles.
He has won various awards including: 1st place at “BollyFolies” – Paris (group category), 1st place at “World Indian Dance Congress” – Saint Petersburg, Russia (solo category), 1st place at “BellyDancer of the year” – Duisburg , Germany (duet-fusion category), 2nd place at “Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival” – Athens, Greece (solo-professional category).
As he has held dance workshops in many countries, Amine is highly appreciated for the energy and good mood he conveys to everyone around.
For the first time in Romania, you will have the opportunity to meet him, dance and have fun with the charismatic Amine Amoura during the Bollywood dance workshop.

For the sensitive and elegant Amira, the oriental dance is part of her soul for more than 10 years. Shis an oriental dance instructor, but has discovered over time the passion for the lesser known dances, such as the Hawaiian or the Tahitian. She is a woman in love with all that Dance Art means. Her life revolves around this world.
Amira will be the instructor for the Tahitian dance workshop.

The graceful and talented Elmas is an oriental dance instructor and choreographer. She set up the Elmas Oriental Dance Studio. For more than 5 years, more than 300 students have participated in oriental dance courses held by Elmas, learning the basics of oriental dance, celebrating femininity and enjoying the joyful rhythms of Egypt!
Over the last 10 years, Elmas has specialized in the art of oriental dance, training with numerous international teachers and renowned dancers from around the world.

About IndraDance Academy
How did the idea of IndraDance Academy born?
Alexandra: “The idea of teaching dance started 15 years ago when I started teaching dance. After going through several dance styles, I came to Bucharest and discovered someone who had the same passion as me. Initially I started with the idea of a group. After a while I noticed that there was quite a lot of people interested or seemed interested about dances. They wanted to learn dances, but it seemed very difficult because we, being a group, were doing some things at a rather advanced level. I didn’t explain. I didn’t give details because some things were already known. And who came into the group and remained as a dancer were those people who really cope with these things. And then I said: let’s teach dance lessons to give the opportunity to the beginners to learn from scratch. And so the idea of dance lessons and dance school came up. That was about 2 and a half years ago.”

I saw that you won a lot of prizes, including with your trainees…
Alexandra: “Yes. We participate in various competitions that are organized especially in Bucharest (the students being from Bucharest), but also abroad, in the international competitions in which we participate.
For example, this year, 2 of my students won the 1st and the 2nd place in the beginners category at the Bollywood & Multicultural Dance Festival in Athens, Greece.”

Please tell me what are your future plans? I saw that you also have classes for children from September
Alexandra: “After announcing that we are opening registrations for a new class of beginners in September, I received questions about children as well. So I’m trying to create a special class for children. If I can gather enough children, it will function as a special class for children. If not, it will be a class for beginners no matter if they are adults, teenagers or children.
And plans for the future … to grow, to show the world this colorful and fun part of the Indian dance. To show that almost every dance sends a message and a story. And I try to pass this on to the group members and students as well.“

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