The surprising health benefits of goat’s milk

The surprising health benefits of goat’s milk

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I must admit that for me goat milk has been unknown until I got the chance to visit Capra Răsfățată farm and so I discovered their products. I visited them out of curiosity, in my search of local producers.

I talked with Mr. Ion Molea, a dedicated zootechnical engineer that is the heart of the farm and learned more about the story of the farm and why goat milk is much better for your health than cow milk.

Mr. Molea grew up drinking goat milk, so he started to raise a few goats when his nephews were born. But soon after that people started to hear more about this and started to ask for milk and his products. So now he has 90 goats.

As Mr. Molea confessed:

“Consumers don’t drink much goat milk. Many have tried. Goat milk is different than cow milk. Goat milk is something special.”

Reasons and benefits for goat milk consumption:
• it is easily digested
• contains fatty acids
• it is a low-fat milk (below 3-3.1% fat)
• people with lactose intolerance can drink goat milk (is less allergenic)

Goat milk is good for your health. Here are some advices to consider:
• raw goat milk is better. It loses some of its properties, vitamins, minerals etc when you boil it.
• If you did not managed to drink the whole quantity of raw milk in the first day, you can boil it the next day and keep it for another 4 days.
• goat milk is particularly recommended for infants (pediatricians recommend it for children > 2 years old)

I liked that Mr. Molea has a healthy principle that guides him:

“The goats must pasture and eat what they want. Not feed them with forages because it’s another type of milk.”

I visited them in the summer. Then the goats were eating walnut tree leaves. They probably needed iodine. So I waited for their return from lunch 🙂

If I convinced you to try some goat milk products from Capra Răsfățată, here’s what you can buy when visiting their farm: goat milk, goat cheese, goat yogurt.

Mr. Molea produces goat cheese from pasteurized milk. The cheese is matured and not salty. I did not found a strong goat taste, which is good for those wandering if I liked it, or not.
The maturation period varies. It all depends on the demand. If the cheese is in high demand it will mature for only 2 weeks, but sometimes it can take up to 1 month.

Besides raw goat milk, you can buy cheese and yogurt. 

You can buy products directly from Capra Răsfățată farm. They also deliver in areas nearby.
Address: Pisculești village, Tinosu, Prahova county
Phone: 004 0733898584
Minimum order: 100 RON.

If you are traveling to/from Valea Prahovei, you can make a stop to the farm. It’s only 10 minutes drive from Ploiești. Just a note – they are closed on Sunday.

Where do they deliver? Ploiești and other places like Băicoi, Plopeni, Țintea, etc within a 20 Km radius.
Delivery in Bucharest might be possible if there are enough orders. I would advise to give them a call and ask for more info.

For more details and working hours, check their website or Facebook Page

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