Washed by waves in Dorset

Washed by waves in Dorset

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A visit in UK where I got washed by waves in Dorset, stopped at the beach where scenes from Billy Idol’s video Loverboy were filmed and enjoying the fireworks of a sinister celebration.

My visits in the United Kingdom have always been work related. Maybe that’s why I never liked too much the UK.

London seems too gray and heavy. But still, I thought to give it another chance. Although I got back again for business, I added a relaxing weekend just for me. I’m heading to Poole (180 km |112 miles away from London) where some of my dear friends are waiting for me.

We can spend a whole day together, so we chose to stop on the Jurassic coast and then go to Bath (near Bristol). Why did I choose them?

Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch located on the Jurassic coast. The Jurassic Coast was the first natural site of UNESCO in England.
Bath is a fascinating city with a fascinating architecture and an ancient history dating back to the Roman period, being the only UNESCO-city in the United Kingdom.

We first arrived to Durdle Door. Initially, I would have liked to get there by sunset [imagine what a spectacular view it must have been to enjoy the colors of the sky at sunset]. But because we could not have included otherwise both stops in one day, we first stopped here. I have learned over time not to force things. So I enjoyed it anyway.

In November, as you probably suspect, the weather in the UK is not too generous and beautiful so I was caught up by a cutting wind. I have about 50 kilos [110 pounds], so the wind almost blown me off the trail. Imagine that in order to get down to the water’s edge, I had to descend a steep slope, and I was struggling with the whistling wind, but I was stubborn enough to go forward. The view was worth and in the end I won the battle with the wind 😉

By the way, did you know that scenes from Billy Idol’s video – Loverboy were shot here?

I got close enough to the water, focusing on capturing the best pictures as close as possible with the waves and with the rocks, and closer, until at one point a full wave washed me.

I did not have enough time to react, I just protected my camera. And then, I realized I was all wet up to my waist on quite a cold weather.

So I turned back to the car, amused and a little chilled. This time the wind was blowing from my back so it helped me move faster 🙂

Back to the car we started to joke and thinking about several scenarios. What to do?

I could go back home to my friends to change, but that meant we would miss the rest of the day.

Another idea was to sit in the front seat and dry my jeans by the heat of the air conditioning [Imagine this. Me, in the front seat, sitting with the ass turned to those who came from the opposite direction :)))].

I was already feeling cold so I said to go shopping… fast. But where do you go when you do not know very well the area? We stopped in the first village that was on our way and because we saw no shops we stopped at the gas station and asked where we can find a clothes shop. What do you think? Bad luck. No clothes shops in the village. So we went further hoping I would not get a cold. 20 km [14 miles] later we arrived in Weymouth.

By the way, Weymouth is a perfect city for a seaside holiday, being in the top 10 beach destinations in Europe.

But let me go back to my story. I went directly to the pedestrian area, where after a few searches I came out happy with a new pair of jeans. Yeey 🙂

I’ve calmed down after this episode so I enjoyed a slow-paced walk in the town.

Note – during the summer you can come by boat from Poole to Weymouth.

It was already afternoon. And yet I could not miss visiting Bath. We had to get to the Roman baths that closed at 17 o’clock. We arrived by sunset, so we missed entering the Roman baths, but we had enough time to walk through the city in the evening.

By chance we came around the fireworks that mark a great celebration: Bonfire.

It is said that the story of the celebration begins more than 400 years ago when Protestants were in power. It all starts for religious reasons. A group of dissatisfied Catholics want England to go back to Catholic religion. They are thus preparing a plot against King James I and his government. They put barrels of gunpowder under the Parliament building to blow it up. But the government finds out about the group’s plans. Those who prepared the plan, although they run away, they were arrested and executed. About 20 people were involved. The man who set up everything was named Guy Fawkes. And this feast of fireworks and wooden fires is carried out in his name. This reminds everyone of that moment. Moreover, usually, a doll called “Guy” is placed over the stack of firewood, which represents the main “hero”. If I think about this celebration it’s a celebration of his death, which I find quite sinister … to celebrate with so many fireworks the death of someone, but whatever, they know better.

I left Bath with the idea that I will keep it on my list of “to be explored more” on the next occasion, and so it ended a long day, full of adventures.

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